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ISIS spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, potential al-Baghdadi successor, also killed in Syria, official says

Islamic State spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, considered a potential successor to terror leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, also was killed in Syria in a separate attack by U.S. forces, a senior State Department official confirmed to Fox News on Monday.

Al-Muhajir had been considered a “number two” to al-Baghdadi, according to the official.

The second U.S. military operation took place in Turkish-held Jarabulus in northern Syria, a 3-hour drive from where al-Baghdadi was killed near another border town with Turkey, Fox News has learned.

Hours after U.S. Special Operations forces raided al-Baghdadi’s compound in northwestern Syria, the top Kurdish leader for the Syrian Democratic Forces, Gen. Mazloum Abdi, tweeted: “Following the previous ops, a senior assistant for al- Bagdadi is called Abu Hesen al Mouhjir was targeted in a village named Ein al Baat near Jaraboul city, the mission was conducted via direct coordination of SDF Intel & US military apart the ongoing ops to hunt ISIS leaders.”

Al-Baghdadi was killed during Saturday night’s daring raid in Syria and after years of intelligence gathering, U.S. Special Operation Forces had no doubts the mutilated body of the man killed during that raid was the long-sought ISIS leader. U.S. Special Operation Forces employed new technology and DNA testing to positively identify al-Baghdadi’s headless remains almost immediately.



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