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Microsoft Launches Quantum Development Kit In Free Preview Version

Microsoft has now announced that it has released a free preview version of its Quantum Development Kit that consists of a new programming language for quantum computing called Q#. The tech giant also launched a compiler as well as quantum computing simulator that will allow developers to test and debug their quantum algorithms.

Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit was first revealed at the Ignite conference in September. According to the company, the Q# programming language is a high-level programming language that includes a native type system for qubits, operators and abstractions. The local version, released as part of the preview, can simulate up to 32 quantum bits (qubits) using a typical laptop (some 32GB of RAM). Microsoft is also offering an Azure-based simulator that can scale up to 40 logical qubits of computing power.

“Quantum computing takes a giant leap forward from today’s technology—one that will forever alter our economic, industrial, academic, and societal landscape. With the preview release of the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, we are one step closer to realizing this vision,” the Microsoft Quantum Team, wrote in a post.

While quantum computing is complex, to say the least, Microsoft says its kit is designed to get developers up to speed with programming on quantum computers. According to the company, the kit can be used by all developers, as the kit does not require one to be an expert in quantum physics. Also, since its deeply integrated into Visual Studio (VS), a lot of elements will be familiar to developers who already use VS to develop apps.



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