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NYPD Was Ready to Arrest Harvey Weinstein in 2015 After Model Said She Was Groped

Harvey Weinstein had no sooner apologized to the 22-year-old woman who had accused him of groping her than he seemed ready to do it again.
“After he apologized, he said, ‘Listen, come up to my room,’” an NYPD commander with direct knowledge of the case says.

Ambra Battilana excused herself to use the restroom and she was met by a detective from the special victims unit, which had been using two cellphones to record this March 28, 2015, meeting in the bar/restaurant at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in downtown Manhattan.

Battilana seemed close to panic. The detective promised her that she would be safely under protective surveillance if she went along with Weinstein’s request.

Battilana agreed and headed upstairs with Weinstein.

The detectives were close behind, ready to move in immediately if Weinstein tried to grope her again as she alleged he had earlier.

He would have been caught in the act.

But Battilana suddenly backed away and departed.

“She got scared,” the police commander says.

Battilana returned downstairs. Weinstein joined her.

The detectives moved in. They took him away for questioning that immediately ceased when he asked for a lawyer, in particular an attorney from the firm whose partners included former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

A Weinstein spokeswoman would deny the allegations.

As Battilana told it, she had met Weinstein at the New York Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall on the previous Thursday, March 26.

She said he had invited her to visit him at his office in Tribeca the next day.

She had accepted and arrived around 6 p.m. Weinstein’s assistant had escorted her into his office and then left the two alone.

Their talk took a sudden turn when Weinstein asked Battilana if her breasts were real, she said.

He supposedly groped her and stuck his hand under her skirt and asked for a kiss.

Battilana fled, and a surveillance camera reportedly shows her leaving the building 31 minutes after she arrived.

She contacted a friend, who took her to the 9th Precinct, the stationhouse nearest the apartment where she had been staying after coming to New York from Italy.

She arrived looking very much like a woman who had just been groped.