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Wolf Blitzer Gets Dinged For Dancing At Post DNC Convention Party

CNN held an after party for its staff on Thursday night after the DNC in Philadelphia.

“The CNN staff after-party, wrapping up two weeks of convention work, promises to be very entertaining later tonight… Alas, I have to head home for Friday’s ‘New Day,’” announced “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter in a humblebrag in his CNN Money nightly newsletter Thursday night.

At the party, CNN anchor was spotted dancing and apparently “celebrating.”

According to The American Mirror blog — not to be confused with this Mirror blog — conservative writer Olaf Ekberg surmises in the most sinister way possible that “maybe” Blitzer and the other CNN staffers were “celebrating” history being made by their preferred candidate.

Blitzer was spotted drinking wine and dancing around with CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger and some delegates to “Sweet Caroline.”

Ekberg writes, “It was the perfect image of the media and Democratic cabal.”

That, or else CNN staff was having a party and Blitzer an Borger were partaking in strange human party rituals known as drinking and dancing



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